Michael’s son had his first day of school this ...
Michael’s son had his first day of school this year. In the week leading up to it, he was incredibly anxious about his first day – it was almost challenging to even get him into the car! But the afternoon told a different story, when he came home with a grin from ear to ear and spent the rest of the afternoon talking about how much fun school was. Life brings us many challenges – but Richie had conquered his fear.
Some 50 years later, many people go through a similar feeling when they realise, they are 10 years from retirement and are not close to reaching their retirement goals. They decide to see a financial adviser, to see how they can make the most of the accumulated $500,000 in their account, and how they can make it grow. But they share the same fears as 5-year-old Richie – they are afraid of what the adviser will say. Often, we hear clients saying they wish they could just win the lottery to reach their goal of $1.5 million (or whatever the amount may be).
However, what we have found is that eventually, this fear and anxiety disappears – and when clients make a plan with us collaboratively and reach their retirement goals in 10 years’ time, they are much happier than they thought they’d be. And one thing is for certain – they’re a lot happier by having worked hard to reach this goal. It’s much more satisfying than winning the lottery – there’s something to be said for those who work for their money. $1 will always be $1 – it’s the way in which it gets into your bank account that makes spending it all that more rewarding. The clients have a sense of ‘I deserve this’ – and they do, because they worked hard for it. Active participation in your financial goals will give you this great feeling – similar to playing a sport. If you train hard, the results will be all the more rewarding!
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Published by Dallas Davison, Michael Hogue and Ali Hogue. April 16, 2021