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MO50 Way: 1. Serve only those aged over 50. | 2. Orchestrate your assets into an ensemble. | 3. Focus on tax efficiency. | 4. Progress you from full-time work to part-time work to a confident, self-funded retirement. | 5. Provide stability during times of uncertainty. | 6. Continue to improve. | 7. Be the best in all of the above.  

Working together in your transition to a confident, self-funded retirement

Money Over 50 Financial Advisers, Michael Hogue, Ali Hogue, Kylie Hatfield, Naomi Smith

Money Over 50 Financial Advisers provides financial advice to people aged over 50 who are seeking a confident, self-funded and tax-free retirement.

Since 2010, we have been helping people in their 50s learn more about growing their wealth and getting set up for retirement. A majority of our clients came to us wanting to pay off their remaining debt, reduce their workload, and be able to draw enough income from their retirement savings without ever running out of money. 

For people in this stage of life, our services are of the most value. 

With clients in Townsville, Ingham, Cairns, Hughenden, South East Queensland, and even a few in New South Wales, we have had the pleasure of transitioning hundreds of people in their 50s to a confident, self-funded and tax-free retirement.

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Interested in becoming a client or knowing more about how we help our clients?

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