A year ago, Dallas met with some regular clients. ...
A year ago, Dallas met with some regular clients. This couple – one who is retired and one who is close to retiring – listened intently as Dallas clearly outlined their trajectory – that is, what he predicted would happen to their financial position in 12 months’ time. He could see, at the time, how things would work out if they took certain steps – and he reassured them on a few strategies they were somewhat hesitant about.
A few days ago, Dallas bumped into the couple. When they saw him, they laughed and said, “well, you really were right about everything!” Dallas was proud to hear this compliment, mostly because his wife often laughs at him for always thinking he’s right – to which he counters that he usually is. Of course, Dallas’s wife might have something different to say about that; but when it comes to retirement planning, it's often the case. 

Always being right about retirement planning isn’t just something Dallas claims unfounded. There are four reasons why he believes it’s the case.

  1. Technical expertise. With 10 years of experience in the industry, continued professional development and knowledge of legislation and tax laws, Dallas has a lot of expertise. Coupled with Michael’s 20 years, they make a great team – not just because of their passion for retirement planning, but also because of this technical expertise.
  2. Breadth of experience. Since we started Money Over 50, we’ve had thousands of initial meetings with people. Some turn into regular clients, some don’t. But in meeting so many different people, we get to see a wide variety of situations and perspectives. Everyone is unique. And since we focus on giving financial advice to people 50 and over, this niche gives us the advantage of knowing this age group and stage of life extremely well.
  3. Length of experience. The longer we are in business, the more we learn. On average, clients are with us for around 5 years. We get to know them and their financial history well. We know them, and they know us – and that means we can tailor the financial strategies to their personal needs.
  4. Personally removed. We are emotionally and personally removed from our clients’ finances. We can look at their finances without emotion, and that’s important in making rational decisions and strategies. To us, it’s also important that we only take on clients we care about – and we’re always committed to giving the best possible advice to them.

So, whether you believe Dallas is always right, you can certainly count on him to be right when it comes to giving quality, tailored advice on retirement planning!

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Published by Dallas Davison, Michael Hogue and Ali Hogue. August 18, 2021