​ It is important to understand what we, as ...
It is important to understand what we, as financial advisers, are able and willing to do, and what we are not able to do for you.
What we can and will do
  • Help you work out what you really want to achieve.
  • Come up with a plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Help you invest your retirement savings to maximise the probability of being able to fund your plan.
  • Adjust your plan as your goals, legislation and/or your personal situation change.
  • Help you manage your behaviour to stop making the big mistakes e.g. stop you selling down your portfolio at a 30-40% discount.
  • Tell the pure unvarnished truth all of the time.

What we can’t and won’t do
  • We can’t time investment markets.  We can’t consistently get it right once and definitely can’t get it right twice i.e. getting out and then back in.  However, it’s our belief that no-one consistently can.
  • We can’t achieve above-average investment returns. We won’t be able to pick an amazing managed fund that beats the share market average by 3% every year.  Still, you will get a better return than most because we’ll stop you from doing the wrong things at the wrong times.
  • We will not change your investment strategy or financial plan unless the goals you provided to produce it has changed.
  • We will not comment on media articles, political statements etc. The only exception to this is legislation that has been passed, which will be discussed in our next review.  If there are changes that need to be made immediately we’ll proactively contact you.
  • We won’t enable you to make bad decisions or tell you what you want to hear if it’s not the truth.
  • We won’t work with people we don’t like, or at the very least, respect.
  • We won’t knowingly allow you to do something we believe will prove to be meaningfully harmful, if not financially fatal, to you or your family.  

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Written by Dallas Davison.
Published by Dallas Davison. July 22, 2019