Please excuse us for this title – but we are ...
Please excuse us for this title – but we are hoping to paint a picture in your head. The thing is, nobody wants to go to their rectal examination. And that’s what this blog is about. For some people, talking about finances is on par with a rectal examination in terms of their enthusiasm. 
People generally dislike going to the doctor. And for many, the same can be said for seeing a financial adviser. For a long time, financial advisers have assumed that people like talking about their finances. We’ve found that in some cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth – and in fact, the more you dislike talking about finances, the more you would benefit from having an adviser. They can take a lot of the burden from you.
Think of the most beautiful place you’ve visited. Magnetic Island? The French Riviera? The Grand Canyon? Whatever you’re picturing, it’s probably the furthest scenario to being in a financial adviser’s office. At least, that’s how some people feel about coming to see us (but we don’t take any offence!) Our job is to let you enjoy your life, while we keep your finances on track.
But to ease the anxiety and dread that can come with seeing a financial adviser, we try to limit our meetings and do 6-monthly reviews with our clients. We send a short, 10-minute video stating their financial position, and the clients can choose whether they want to book a meeting with us or not, to discuss anything in that video. Meetings can be held face-to-face or via Zoom, and as many of our clients are Australia-wide, video meetings are a fast and easy way to communicate. Many advisers contact their clients all the time, but that doesn’t always suit everyone. We’re flexible in how often someone wants to meet with us or hear from us.
A very similar parallel can be drawn between financial advisers and doctors:
People don’t want to see a doctor, but they want to be healthy.
People don’t want to see an adviser, but they want their finances to be on track.
Our clients know we are here if they need us, doing our job and keeping them up to date. If you hate thinking about money, we’re here to take away the headache and stress of that for you!
Get in touch with us. We’d like to think we’re slightly more pleasant than a doctor’s visit (and definitely less intrusive).

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