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We continue with our frequently asked questions today, and this is a fairly timely question as we recently got a new name as part of our rebranding last year; Lighthouse Financial Advisers became Money Over 50 Financial Advisers. 
No, we weren’t bought out (if we were, we’re still waiting on the cheques!) We are still the same locally-owned business, with the same employees. We have no ties with any banks, nor do we have silent partners.
So why the name change? Back in 2016, we were faced with a decision – grow bigger, or keep the business as it was. We made the decision not to grow bigger but to hone in on our niche expertise instead. At the time, we had another financial adviser working with us who took our younger clients with him in a mutual decision so we could focus on our respective fields of expertise. However, we actually still share the same office space – just as two separate companies under one roof. This is how we became Money Over 50 – you guessed it, our expertise is looking after clients in the last ten to fifteen years of their working lives.
We love working hard to get the best results for our clients’ retirement. One of the ways we do that is by staying small – we don’t want to lose our personal touch. Listen to Episode 92 – Why we can only take on 50 more clients to find out more about our premium service.
Although we are small, it’s good to have two financial advisers. We think it’s a positive to have two different points of view when it comes to finance. It’s also good to have time to think about strategies carefully. From experience, in a bigger, busier team, that’s not always possible. We like knowing our clients personally, and we are clear about wanting to stay small. 
Published by Dallas Davison, Michael Hogue and Ali Hogue. January 8, 2021