When Michael was at the tile shop looking for ...
When Michael was at the tile shop looking for renovation ideas and being asked to choose between an assortment of different designs, he left in a haste and joined his kids in watching a Disney show instead. When it came to choosing tiles for his new bathroom, Michael was overwhelmed – and simply couldn’t envision what the tiles would look like on a wall. All credit goes to his wife Suzie, who has done all the hard yards and put up with him at the shop.
For many, the same thing happens when it comes to their finances or planning for retirement. Simply thinking about it makes their head hurt.
But Michael persevered, and now has a Diploma in Tile Selection. Just kidding. He left the store altogether and hired an expert, instead – an interior designer.
Hiring an interior designer for your bathroom is simply hiring an expert to do something you don’t understand or have an interest in. It’s the same when you hire a financial adviser. This is our field, our expertise. We love it – the strategies, the planning, the budgeting. We understand money; it all makes sense to us. We love reading new legislation and seeing how it will affect our clients.
Of course, some people are fast learners and are good at doing things themselves. But an expert, with significant experience, will always do a better job. Not to mention, they won’t miss anything. And when it comes to your money, that’s really important.
Our Money Over 50 podcast has three kinds of listeners.
1.    Those who love thinking about money (yes, they exist).
2.    Those who hate thinking about money. These are the people being ‘dragged to the tile shop’. They are often new listeners who are thinking about money for the first time in a long time and want to gain knowledge from our podcast. When one of Dallas’s clients turns up, without fail the first thing he says at every appointment as soon as he walks through the door is, “Righto. Let’s get this over with,” as though he’s about to go in for surgery without anaesthetic. He wants it done quickly and painlessly so he can get out of there ASAP.
3.    Those who are somewhere in the middle. Some are new listeners; some aren’t – and they sit somewhere along the scale of financial knowledge, interested in what we do to a certain extent and taking some action when it comes to their finances. Some people worry about what’s out there that they don’t know. And some people just want to come in and get it over with.

Which category do you fall into?

​If you need someone to take away your financial headache, give us a call. Our first meeting is free of charge. And no, we won’t go tile shopping for you.
Published by Dallas Davison, Michael Hogue and Ali Hogue. March 29, 2021