At Lighthouse Financial Advisers we help people ...
At Lighthouse Financial Advisers we help people over 50 retire with confidence.

Financial Advisers Dallas Davison and Michael Hogue join Kylie Hatfield and Ali Hogue in providing professional, friendly service in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our approach to financial planning doesn't change if you were to live in a separate town to Townsville QLD, such as Alice Spring NT, only the communication channel may change.
At Lighthouse Financial Advisers, we want our clients to feel comfortable asking us about the why's and why not's of retirement planning, and they do. ​

We take a straightforward approach to retirement planning for people over 50. We work with people to:
  • Determine how much you need to retire comfortably
    • The amount is different for each person. We'll determine this figure by calculating the income your retirement savings need to generate to meet your living expenses as well as fun things like travel. This is a free service offered in our first meeting.
  • Develop a plan to get you there
    • We find most people are half a million dollars short of where they need to be, are paying too much in tax now, and haven't got things structured in a manner that lets them pay no tax in retirement. 
    • If you elect to engage us, we will develop a financial plan that will allow you to add approximately half a million dollars to your superannuation balance in the final 10 years of your working lives, minimise tax now and set you up so you pay no tax in retirement.
    • Our fees are 2% of your superannuation balance in the first year and 1% annually after that. Our fees can almost always be met from your superannuation account. There are no hidden extras, ever.
  • Help keep you on track
    • We will conduct regular reviews of your actual financial position compared to your financial plan. This will help you feel confident you are on track. And if things change, we can help you tweak your financial plan to accommodate the changes. There are no extra charges from us for these reviews and adjustments, it's all part of the service.
We keep our approach simple, on purpose.

​We believe it is our role to assist you maximise your retirement by ensuring you have enough to retire and lead the lifestyle you choose. We also believe that you should feel confident with the process of retirement planning, so you spend your final working years enjoying life and not worrying. By being open, transparent and down to earth, we'll give you the confidence to know you're on the best path for your circumstances and your life.
Published by Dallas Davison, Michael Hogue and Ali Hogue. September 6, 2017